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Rachel Blakely Fans

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A community for fans of Rachel Blakely
Welcome to the first and only community for the wonderful Rachel Blakely!
Couple of rules
♥ This is probably going to be a small and quiet community so please treat everyone with respect.
♥ I'm stating this from the very beginning: Under NO circumstances is RPF to be posted here. Graphics, fics regarding her characters, music vids, news, pics etc are all welcome, but no RPF :)
♥ Please use thumbnails for larger graphics, and if there is more than three place them under a cut.
♥ Any questions/comments/suggestions? Feel free to send me a PM through my personal journal.
This community has no official affiliation with Ms Blakely and no copyright infringement is intended. Graphics and opinions belong to their respective posters so please give credit where asked.
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